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Pip with paper flowers

Bunny Bonnets


gawd, they both look super adorable in their bonnets ; ~;
I need to stick Kai in one too. XD
Doooh, pip and miz look soooo cute!
They own me. XD
All your bunny hats are belong to Hesue and the Sass prz. :
Pip and Miz say they'll share. XD
Wah, I'm dead from cute! ♥ Bunnies...
Oh no! Dead you! ;o;
I think I've died 3 times including the previous post; with happiness though. (♥w♥)
At least you died happy? XD
oh, you.
The bunnies are 'nom'ing them! I like it!
That makes me want to add teeth to the hat.